Owners of 86-Year-Old Radiator Specialty Company Form RSC Bio Solutions and Announce Partnerships With Leaders in the Biobased Fluids Market

Charlotte, NC, November 8, 2010 – The Blumenthal family, owners of Radiator Specialty Company (RSC) and Blumenthal Holdings, LLC, have announced the formation of a new company – RSC Bio Solutions, LLC – that manufactures and distributes non-hazardous, biobased cleaning, degreasing and lubricating products for applications where both high performance and safety are essential.

“As a market and product leader, RSC has a company-wide commitment to introduce options that provide a superior level of performance while also reducing workplace hazards and costs,” says Mike Guggenheimer, Vice President of Business Development for RSC Bio Solutions. “Forming RSC Bio Solutions, with a mandate to bring high performance, safe and environmentally sound products to our industrial customers, is a strong statement of our dedication to meet the growing interest in biobased products.”

Important Partnerships Announced RSC Bio Solutions is off to a strong start with the announcement of partnerships with Gemtek® Products LLC and Terresolve™ Technologies Ltd., two leaders in the biobased market. Through the Gemtek partnership, RSC is now the exclusive North American distributor of Gemtek’s Safe Care® cleaners, degreasers and solvents for the industrial market. The Terresolve partnership involves an investment of growth capital and a minority ownership in the company. In addition, the Terresolve EnviroLogic® brand of industrial lubricants is now available to RSC customers. Gemtek and Terresolve combined have more than 30 years of experience in the biobased fluids industry.

“With these two partnerships, RSC now offers the most complete line of powerful, industrial chemical products. In early 2011, we are launching biobased versions of our trusted Liquid Wrench and Gunk industrial products that will be ‘Powered By Safe Care’” says Guggenheimer. “We see the demand for safe, environmentally responsible products growing by the day, and our new division is well positioned to bring the same type of leadership that RSC is already well-known for to this part of the market.”

With an 18-year history, Gemtek is a pioneer in safe, non-hazardous but powerful cleaners, degreasers and solvents for the industrial market. All of Gemtek’s Safe Care products comply with OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations and many have achieved the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) designation. The Safe Care products are distributed worldwide and serve a variety of markets including petroleum, waste management, municipal/utility fleets, airport operations and manufacturing.

With more than 50 different applications and a 15-year track record, the Terresolve EnviroLogic brand offers a wide variety of biodegradable products, from hydraulic fluids and gear oils to farm fluids and engine oils, which have been tested and proven in some of the toughest environments possible. Terresolve currently serves the offshore marine, marine transport, turf/golf course maintenance, clean energy and fleet markets.

About RSC

Headquartered in North Carolina for more than 80 years, RSC is a leading producer of lubricants, chemicals and additives for the automotive, plumbing, hardware, industrial, appliance and export markets. Liquid Wrench, Gunk, Engine Brite® and Solder Seal® are trademarks of RSC. Some products are licensed and packaged for sale elsewhere around the world. For more information, contact RSC, 600 Radiator Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079, 877-464-4865,

About RSC Bio Solutions, LLC

Established in 2010 and headquartered in North Carolina, RSC Bio Solutions is a sister corporation to Radiator Specialty Company focused on providing high performance chemistries that are safe, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible.

About Terresolve

Founded in 1996 and based in Ohio, Terresolve is dedicated to providing non-toxic, biodegradable lubricating products that deliver exceptional performance. With more than 50 different applications, the Terresolve EnviroLogic products have been tested and used in some of the toughest environments possible. For more information, contact Terresolve Technologies; 35585 Curtis Blvd; Eastlake, Ohio (800) 661-3558;

About Gemtek

Founded in 1992 and based in Arizona, Gemtek is dedicated to the research, development and production of non-toxic, environmentally-responsible cleaners, degreasers, solvents, lubricants and specialty chemicals sold under the Safe Care, Safe Lube™ and AllerSafe® brands. The company’s products are derived from renewable, biobased resources for a broad range of industrial applications. Gemtek products meet or exceed the "Green" attributes for the Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) Program, the USEPA DfE, USEPA NCP, SCAQMD, USDA/NSF & USAF. For more information, visit or