New Division to House Liquid Wrench®, Gunk®, MotorMedic® and Tite-Seal®

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C., (SEPTEMBER 28, 2010) – Radiator Specialty Company (RSC), a leader in cleaning and degreasing, lubricating and penetrating, and maintenance and repair solutions, announced today it is launching a new division, RSC Chemical Solutions, to market its flagship brands which include Gunk®, Liquid Wrench®, MotorMedic® and Tite-Seal®. Building on RSC’s 86-year heritage, the new division will provide marketing support of its hallmark brands as well as offer new innovative solutions through cutting-edge chemistry.

Radiator Specialty Company was founded in 1924 and, at that time, focused solely on manufacturing radiator repair products. With the growth of the company over the past eight decades, RSC now manufactures a multitude of chemical solutions for a variety of industries.

“The division name, RSC Chemical Solutions, was chosen because we are a chemical company. Chemicals solve problems, and that is what our brands are designed to do – solve very specific problems in the areas of cleaning, degreasing, lubricating, penetrating and maintenance/repair,” said John Huber, President and CEO of RSC. “Our customers look to us for serious solutions for very specific applications, and it was important our new division name conveys that same message.”

According to Huber, the creation of a separate division also allows the company to clearly distinguish each of the brands and provide a more intuitive trade name for customers both domestically and worldwide.

“RSC Chemical Solutions will provide greater clarity to who we are and what we do best: providing customers with a solution to their needs through innovative chemical formulations,” he said. “By establishing this new division, we are investing in our flagship brands to further establish our company as the industry leader in lubricating and penetrating, cleaning and degreasing, and maintenance and repair solutions.”

Along with MotorMedic® and Tite-Seal®, flagship brands within the newly formed division include: Gunk®, a comprehensive line of cleaners and degreasers, aimed at tackling the toughest grease, grime and gunk on the planet; and Liquid Wrench®, the must-have line of lubricants, penetrants and specialty products for the DIYer who wants to use the right wrench for the job.

The creation of RSC Chemical Solutions will not affect the company’s day-to-day operations including its billing and contractual materials. Additionally, the management and leadership teams as well as the sales force will remain the same.

From Radiator Repair to Global Leader

In 1924, I.D. Blumenthal, a salesman from Georgia, was traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina on business when he discovered a leak in his car’s radiator. Blumenthal brought his car to a local tinsmith for repair which, at that time, typically involved the complete removal of the radiator. Instead, this pioneering tinsmith poured “magic powder” into the radiator and the leak was fully repaired. Being a savvy businessman and entrepreneur, Blumenthal proposed a partnership with the tinsmith and Radiator Specialty Company was born, with Solder Seal® as the company’s first product.

About Radiator Specialty Company

With more than 1,600 customers in 81 countries around the globe, Radiator Specialty Company (RSC) today develops, manufactures and markets high performance products for auto, motorcycle, plumbing, hardware and industrial applications. RSC products are manufactured at its 400,000 square foot operations facility in Indian Trail, North Carolina, which is ISO 9000-2008 Certified and includes eight state-of-the-art production lines with an SAP Operating System. RSC trademarked brands include: Liquid Wrench®, Gunk®, Engine Brite®, MotorMedic®, Tite-Seal® and Solder Seal®. Founded in 1924, RSC is headquartered at 600 Radiator Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079, 877-464-4865, www.RSCBrands.com.